Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Best MLM Systems and Best Network Marketing Systems - It's Not What You Think!

If you’re a Network Marketer using the internet to build your business, you have most likely run into countless marketing systems.

They advertise themselves as the complete, one-all-be-all system that you’ll ever need to achieve success with your Network Marketing company.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of online systems marketing themselves this way, as well as claiming their system will do all the work for you!

Does this sound familiar?

What most Network Marketers want is system that will do a bulk of the work for them. Something that won’t take too much effort on their behalf.

Well I’m here to tell you…it’s never going to happen.

If you think you can purchase leads, corral them into your list, and watch as they mechanically purchase each and every thing you’ve got to offer, including joining your Network Marketing company, you’ve got another thing coming.

I know. That’s the way the systems are marketed. They make it sound really, really easy. And not just easy, but fast too!

Scratching your head? Why they would claim something like this it if isn’t true?

Does it make you wonder how people become successful at all using a system? (because there are plenty)

Here’s the scoop: unless you know HOW to get REAL results, and on your OWN, you’re not going to get any real results.

See, it’s not about the system. It's about YOU.

You’ve got to get to know your prospects. You don’t get to physically shake their hands over the Internet. So you've got to do something that symbolizes, and feels like the same thing.

It’s called good old fashioned hard work, people.

But you want results NOW. Seriously, who doesn't?

Just please, please don't fall for “Buy ‘em and Sign ‘em” lead systems. You will never succeed that way.

Even the BEST system out there is not going to work for you if you don’t work for it!

The key is learning about this industry, your market, and most importantly, yourself. Show off your personality!

The next step is being able to duplicate the system that worked for you by teaching other people who want to learn how to do what you did.

You are the only one who can be held responsible for your own success!

It’s not going to happen overnight. You’re going to need a business plan. You’re going to need a plan, period.

But don’t let the time it takes to become an expert dis wade you. It will only make you that much more successful in the end.

Ready to begin?

Here is access to Jonathan Budd's 7 Figure Networker 8 Day Bootcamp.

As you know, I have recently enrolled in Jonathan Budd's 7 Figure Networker system to "check out the goods." There is a rather plentiful training drop-down menu at the top of the home page which opens up to a page of video training tutorials.

This is the kind of training I was talking about in the article.

If you're interested in getting started with learning how to attract prospects, access the 8 Day Bootcamp.

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